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Pitu Caleya

-chicken fed with maize-

and Trout:

     3rd Weekend of October.  

Pitu de Caleya



 Food Hunting:

3rd Weekend of February.

Sobrescobio celebrates since 2010 the new gastronomic days related to hunting where there is no single menu, but every restaurant presents a different one, with boar and deer as the main ingredients. Tradition and innovation are the keys for this new commitment to revive the tourist industry in Sobrescobio.

The menu-prize is about 25 Euros per person and it includes a starter, two main courses and two second courses, to choose one, homemade desserts, wine and coffee. The hunting days, where most of the restaurants of the region participate, take place during the second fortnight of February.

Posters of the Gastronomic Days of Hunting and Pitu Caleya
Cartel-Jornadas del Pitu Caleya
Cartel - Jornadas de la Caza

Escudo de Sobrescobio