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The House of Water, in Rioseco, is an interactive museum which shows the value of water in the Natural Park of Redes, its importance in the development of our life style. It also shows, in a very educational way, its effects on the natural environment and its use as renewable resources. It has a permanent exhibition about water and it is situated in the neighbourhood of Viesca, to access it you have to take the road to the right of the main road, nearly at the end of the town, towards Tarna.

Nowadays, the House of Water is closed for visitants due to the building work to house the installation of the Expo Zaragoza Spain pavilion of 2008, absolutely related to water.

The Spain pavilion in the Expo Zaragoza 2008 housed 1,3 millions of visits, being the most visited pavilion in the exposition. The exposition of the House of Water will have the contents of two modules of the Expo, <<Water in earth>> and << Spain and water>>. The first one has audiovisual and interactive contents and it shows the origin of water in our planet and the hydrological cycle. The second one module shows the importance of the different uses of water in our country, and at the same way teach us how important is having lots of water and promoting to save it.

The House of Water was opened on June 30, 2002 as one of the Interpretation Centres of Redes. Its extension and the new exposition will cost one million Euros. The new building, of about 468 square metres, will be connected to the current building through a new corridor and it will house the modules of the Spain pavilion of the Expo.

The new building will be rectangular in shape. The north face will be dull, while the south face will have big windows. The perimeter of the building will be surrounded by water as a result of the construction of a reservoir area. The construction of the building will have a cost of 550.000 Euros. The ending of the building work is expected to 2011.


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