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Green Beans/ Pitu Caleya/ Casín Cheese

The natural wealth of Sobrescobio is reflected on its tables, enjoying a varied gastronomy with products from the land, the hunting, the fishing, and an excellent meat. It is important to highlight the braised cabbage, potatoes with wild boar, the beans, the green beans, the wild boar, the deer, the bean stew,beans with wild boar or the trout because the region has trout preserves, letting the fishing fan enjoy a great sportive day and, at the end, enjoy on his/her table this valued delight. The traditional dish of trout with jamón which is prepared in the different restaurants of the area is also excellent, even though the trout would come from the fishing factory.

Also, products from the slaughter of the pig (samartín), are present in this traditional cuisine, they are eaten fresh as the adobu, name given in Sobrescobio to the pork fillet, the liver, the picadillo of sausage and of course, other meats like chorizo, black pudding, jamón and lomo, all smoked (afumaos) to allow them to be eaten all year round, without forgetting the tripe, a meal that has become one of the most important parts of the diet, to be able to cope with the harshness of winter.

Roast Lamb

The traditional lamb stew also stands out. For example, the cabritu con patatines (lamb with potatoes), or the famous cordero a la estaca (roast lamb), which is still prepared in the traditional way, cutting it in pieces (not like in other parts of Asturias where it is cut in half), and cooking it on a spit of good wood, oak or beech tree, which gives heat but not smoke, whilst the meat gets that characteristic taste. Later, it is given a sauce (each place keep it their own recipe) so it does not dry, and after four or five hours it is ready to cut and eat.

The third weekend of October, Sobrescobio celebrates the Gastronomic Days whose main course is Pitu de Caleya (chicken fed with maize).

Casadielles and Fayuelos

It is not possible to talk about the food in Sobrescobio without talking about its puddings, rice pudding, the borrachinos, les casadielles of nut or hazelnut, fayuelos (pancakes), or the delicious canutillos, made with fried pasta and filled with cream, cheese cakes, cakes with nuts, the biscuits; as well as liquors, and honey, and of course the most famous pudding of Redes, the casín cheese, reflecting the great farming tradition.


Escudo de Sobrescobio