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Accessible Path - Campiellos - E-mail

Accessible Path - Campiellos.

This path is an accessible route adapted to people with reduced mobility. It is situated in the town of Campiellos and it has a distance of 680 metres.

Accessible Path -Campiellos

This accessible path is known in the town as Camín del Rebollal, which starts in the high area of the town, and keeping the same way, it goes around the hillside crossing a small forest of chestnut and oak trees, where you can enjoy the spectacular view of Rioseco.

It is an ideal route to go with children and elderly people, because it is totally protected with wooden rails with almost no gap.  At the end of the walk, there is a viewpoint with illustrative notice-boards, texts and Braille patterns where you can enjoy the view of towns like Rioseco, La Polina, Villamorey and Soto de Agues.


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