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Route of el Cuyargayos E-mail

PR. AS-63 Route of el Cuyargayos


Itinerary: Agues- Ladines-Collau Imblenes-Feleches-Agues.

Difficulty: Medium-low

Distance: 13 Km. 900m.

Duration: 4 h 40 min.


View from Cuyargayos

 The start of the route is situated in the town of Agues. Just next to the bridge over the Nozalin River, take the path that leaves the water to the right towards the village of Ladines. The path climbs gently between the rock walls that separate the fields until it reaches a road very close to the town.

From Ladines take a track, first of tarmac, and then of earth, starting next to the church. Soon the path crossing El Cándanu is reached, with a panoramic view of the reservoir of Rioseco and the surrounding towns. Take the path to the right towards the grazing area of Faidiellu.

Once Faidiellu is passed, the itinerary leaves the main path and takes a left turn leading to the pastures of Les Collaines. Continue on the path that climbs, leaving to the right the ridges of El Xerru Piqueru. The walk runs, at first, through a dense beech tree forest, until it reaches, nearly at the reach, a long grazing area leads to the saddle de Imblenes.

The route runs easily through the fields of Imblenes, where it is possible to see ruins of a grazing area, and on the Caso side of the saddle there is a fountain where water bottles can be filled. At this point, it is possible to walk a few metres to the west to reach the top of the last reach of the Xerru Piqueru. From there, the Valley of the Nalón offers a magnificent perspective, were it is possible to see the sea on clear days.

The route continues leaving the high buttresses of the Xerra Bermeya. If you decide not to climb to the peak of El Cuyargayos, continue along the main path until you reach the saddle Mezquita. If you do, take a right turn that takes you to the south side of the peak, and from here climb to the top. From the top of the mountain, on a good day, it is possible to see nearly all of the Natural Park of Redes.

From the saddle La Mezquita descend towards the old grazing area of Farrionas, situated over the ridge that separates Caso and Sobrescobio. At this point take a sharp right turn to descent the teep slope towards the grazing area of Feleches, with huts and fields that are visible during the descent.

The route ends with the descent towards the Nozalín River through a path between fields and rock walls, until it reaches, at the bottom of the valley the tarmac track leading to Agues, start and finish of the route.  




Escudo de Sobrescobio