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Route of the Isornu saddle E-mail

PR. AS-120 Route of the Isornu saddle

Itinerary: Soto de Agues-  El Retortoriu-Isornu saddle-Los Fresnos-Soto de Agues.

Difficulty: Medium.

Distance: 15 Km.

Duration: 4 h. 30 min.


Route of the Isornu saddle

The route starts in Soto de Agues, accessed by road from Rioseco, the capital of Sobrescobio. The first section of the itinerary runs next to the Alba River, Following the famous Route of El Alba or the gorge of Llaímo. After a gentle climb soon the ruins of the loading bay of the mine of El Carmen will be reached, in the Llaímo mountain.

Duro Felguera extracted iron from here between 1922 and 1967. The mineral was transported to Rioseco and from there to Laviana on a mining train, now disappeared.

Soon after we will find the small bridge of Retortoriu, where we shall leave the main path to cross the river and continue on to the other side, following a path running through chestnut and hazelnut trees. Soon the path gets steeper, and ignoring the path to the sides, the route continues under the shadow of a dense chestnut tree forest. Continuing the ascent, you will reach the Cantu La Vega, an exceptional viewpoint where the Alba valley and the mountains around the Picu Retriñón can be seen. After crossing the spot known as Manuela, you will reach La Bauga, a painteresque group of six huts, where you can stop and enjoy the view. Continue the ascent, first between the fields and the between bracken and heather, until the Isornu saddle is reached. A place with a spectacular view over the neighbouring Caleao valley.

 From the saddle, the route leads to the ridge of the Xerru Tendillanes, turning left to descent down the hillside. The path advances past the limestone, offering splendid views of the peaks Cabeza l’Arcu and Leres, to the south, and the Mayau los Fresnos, to the north, the direction of the path.

The path becomes a track on the descent leading eventually to the grazing area, which is crossed by the water going to Gijón to Los Arrudos. There are two options for the end of the journey: To take the path descending east, towards the bottom of the Nozalín valley, to follow it towards Agues; or take the track west to the gazing areas of Porciles. From there continue descending to the bridge of Retortoriu, returning to Soto on the same path used at the start of the route.


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