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Route of the Crespón range. E-mail

PR. AS-121- Route of the Crespón range.

Itinerary: Villamorey-Fresneu-La Arganosa-Prieya-Soto de Agues-Villamorey.

Difficulty: Medium.

Distance: 11 Km. 500 m

Duration: 4 h.             


Route of the Crespón range


The route starts in the town of Villamorey, accessed from Rioseco on the road that crosses the reservoir to reach Soto de Agues. At this point take a gently climbing track, running between fields and chestnut trees. It gains altitude over the reservoir in the direction of the grazing area of Villamaor. A few metres before it, take a path to the right running through the ridge towards the peak of Picu’l Torrexón. Here you will find, hanging over the waters of the reservoir, the ruins of the old Castle of Villamorey. It appears that the castel is of a roman origin, however, it was completely reconstructed in the time of the asturian king Alfonso I (VIII century) and given, in the XII century, together with all of Sobrescobio to the Order of Santiago. The castle lost its dominating function after the building of Pola de Oviñana, in the XIV century. This town was the administrative capital of the area until 1929, whan it was taken to Rioseco. Therefore, it is known that the castle was in ruins in the XV century.

From Villamaor, the itinerary enters a forest with a steep path towards the grazing area of Fresneu. From here you can see the reservoir of Rioseco, the dam and the water purifying station. The itinerary turns left running parallel, the border between the Natural Park and the neighbouring Laviana.

After crossing tha Mayau l’Argañosa, the itinerary follows the canal, which takes the water from the Fontona de los Arrudos to the city of Gijón. From this point, the path runs over the canal, practically flat, leading towards Rearcu. This section is of certain difficulty and it should be crossed carefully. However, it is a perfect place to view the peaks of Peña La Xamoca, the Cuyargayos, the Retriñón, the Cabeza l’Arcu, and in the distance, the peaks of Tiatordos and Maciédome. After Rearcu you will soon reach the grazing area of Llampaces, where you can take a short climbto the tpo of the ridge, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Laviana.

From Llampaces, the itinerary continues half way up the hillside, first next to the canal, and then on a narrow path until you reaches the Mayau la Prieya. From here descent down the track until you find the path of the Route of Alba and return to Soto de Agues, first, and Villamorey after.


Escudo de Sobrescobio