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Route of the Picu la Xamoca E-mail

PR. AS-123 -Route of the Picu la Xamoca.

Itinerary: Campiellos-Llagos-Picu La Xamoca-Collau Unqueru-Rioseco.

Difficulty: Medium.

Distance: 15 Km.

Duration: 5 h. 15 min.

Route of the Picu la Xamoca

The route starts in the town of Campiellos. It follows a cement track leading towards the l’Arcu saddle. From this point you can see, to the left, the peak of El Ronzón and in from of it the relay station of Telefónica and television. The path climbs the hillside, with many turns. After it passes the Ricau and Canigue saddles, the path reaches Llinariega were it joins the track coming from Campas and Fabrin.

Continuing the climb, leave the restored hut of Currascau to the right, to soon reach, the Llagos huts, under a high voltage cable. Next to the highest pylon there is a fountain here where you can fill your water bottles. The climb to the Picu La Xamoca starts by this fountain, by the pastures situated on the left. After crossing a section with beech trees, pass a section of bushes. The path turns sharply towards the rocky ridge. Once it is reached, continue on it to Picu La Xamoca, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of Sobrescobio and Laviana and part of Piloña and Caso.

Return to the pylon, and from it take the route across the field to the right towards a small gap between two rocks. The path runs half way up the hillside, crossing the forest and reaching the Faidiellu saddle. Leaving the main itinerary for a few minutes, you can climb to the pylon on the left to enjoy the panoramic view of Piloña. On the path again, the route borders the Picu La Cabra to reach the Unqueru saddle, recognisable by a hill between the fields. From this point, walk towards the ruins of a hut, a few metres lower down. Then take the path diagonally across a flooded area on the left. Once you reach the Espines huts, start the descent.

The path gets steeper and reaches the bottom of the valley, next to the river. Continue until you pass the cement bridge with wooden railings. From here continue on the main path, ignoring the paths to the sides that go to Campiellos. Cross a forest of ancient chestnut trees, continuing straight until you reach the Güergu hut. From here take the path to the right leading to the road of Rioseco, end of the itinerary.


Escudo de Sobrescobio