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Route of the Roman Road E-mail

PR. AS-122- Route of the Roman Road.

Itinerary: Rioseco-Roman road-El Gamonal-Collau Unqueru-Rioseco.

Difficulty: Medium.

Distance: 11 Km.

Duration: 4 h. 30 min.

Route of the Roman Road

The itinerary starts in the capital of Sobrescobio, Rioseco. The walk starts in the neighbourhood of El Pedrosu, at the exit of the town in the direction of Campo de Caso. From the road, take the path on the left that climbs towards the hill situated on the right that has high voltage cable over it. Following the left path leave behind several buildings to reach a gate which leads to the old Roman road. It is a wide path, carved into the rock that slowly gains altitude over the road. Some authors claim it to be a Roman road that would follow the Nalón River, crossing the mountain range over the Tarna mountain pass. In had another route that would go to Villaviciosa through Arniciu (Camino Real del Sellón).

The route always follows the main path, ignoring the right and left turns out of it, until it reaches the top of the hamlet of Anzo. At this point there is a water tank with a long pillar, and a bit further, a right turn leading to the village. The route, however, takes the path to left, passing the hut with two enormous lime trees and other trees which gives the place a special charm. The route continues another path crossing, where you should take the right turn on the track that ascends over the Anzo gully. At this point you can decide between two options: continue the climb towards the Peña La Gamonal, or start the descent on the Anzo gully.

If you decide to climb to La Gamonal, take that track to the left, which with many turns will take you to the fields of Gamonalín, a balcony over the reservoirs of Tanes and Rioseco. The path leads towards the grazing area of La Gamonal. It is crossed with a wooden fence and two huts. In the fields of Gamonal leave the huts to your right and climb towards the saddle with the rocky ridge, leaving into the left. From the saddle climb of El Gamonal, and then follow the ridge. After walking around the Rosellón on a path that runs between the heather and rock, you will reach the pastures of La Faya. From here the route turns left leading towards the Unqueru saddle. Finally descend towards the Guergu Stream, crossing a cement bridge with wooden rails. Return to Rioseco on the route of the Picu La Xamoca.


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